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Reclaimed Timber & Oak Furniture - Hand Made - Original Design
New Designs: Ancient Reclaimed Timber
Ancient Timber Coffee table
Above Left:Coffee Table:
Ancient reclaimed timber. Trestle Supports visible through
the top. Click on photo to enlarge.Can dismantle.
Server/Console Table:
Ancient reclaimed timber. Trestle
supports visible through the top.
Centre drawer with metal handle.
Can dismantle.
Click on photo to enlarge.
Ancient Wood Server:
Inlaid top 4 drawers metal handles.
Click on Photo to enlarge.
For similar server in Character Oak
and mahogany please
Refer to Character Oak Furniture
Unique Ancient
Wood Server:
Unique piece. Ancient
wood top naturally
shaped by timber
Bow tie mahogany
Trestle supports visible
through top with curved
central rail.
Metal bolted detail

Click on Photo to
Ancient Timber Mirror  
lime washed available to any size.
Also available in character oak and
reclaimed timber.
Right: Coffee Table
Ancient Reclaimed timber with shelf
click on photo to enlarge.
Reclaimed Timber
Unique Collapsible display
Above Left:
Ancient Reclaimed Tmber Coffee Table
Above Right:
Reclaimed Timber Mirror Colour Washed